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Buying Property

Benefits of Using a Buyer Agent

Buyer agents represent the interests of a buyer throughout the entire process of buying a home. As a buyer agent, I will help you search for the right property to fit your needs and wants in the location you desire, set up showings, write up contracts, refer you to the appropriate lawyers, building inspectors, mortgage brokers and other specialists and be there to answer any questions you have right up until closing and beyond. My main objective is to find you the right house while making sure you don’t overpay!

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Why Use a Buyer Agent?

Low Cost

Hiring me as a buyer agent doesn’t cost you anything as long as the property you are purchasing is through organized real estate. It is the seller’s responsibility to pay a commission to the co-operating brokerage.

To Be Protected

Buying real estate is usually the biggest purchase a person makes during their lifetime and the process can be very confusing. As a licensed Realtor I am able to help you navigate through the process of buying from the beginning to the end and can answer any questions you have.

To Be Informed

There are a lot of fees, and rebates that a realtor can help you understand. A lot of people only think about a down payment and a mortgage when thinking of buying a house. Having a knowledgeable realtor can help you avoid any unexpected costs as purchasing real estate is much more complex than that. You need to think about a deposit, down payment, mortgage loan insurance/CMHC fees, Appraisal fee, Home inspection fee, Land transfer tax, Property insurance, Survey costs, Legal fees and other closing costs such as pre paid taxes or bills, title insurance, etc.

For Negotiations

Negotiations are all about give and take and can be very difficult and emotional for a buyer to navigate on their own without professional help. By negotiating directly with the listing agent without representation, a potential buyer might not end up with the best deal for them as the listing agent is representing the best interests of their client. I can help you understand the current market value of any home you are interested in by conducting a comparative market analysis.

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