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Buyer Agent vs.

Advantages is a great resource for both realtors and consumers. It puts listings in front of the public at the click of a button. It is now easier than ever for a potential home buyer to browse and compare houses to get a feel of the market in their area. This technology has lead to some consumers taking on their search for a home on their own without the help of realtor.


Although is a great resource for consumers, it can be 3 days to a week behind. One advantage of working with a realtor is we have access to these MLS listings in real time. This means we can set up our servers to send you listings that fit your criteria as soon as they are uploaded onto our MLS servers. Realtors also have access to private remarks about properties which could disclose things such as water damage, floodplains, tenants, showing instructions, offer conveyance dates, and so on that a consumer wouldn’t see just using Countless times I have had clients get excited about a listing they have seen on and once they send it to me to set up a showing, it is already conditionally sold. Some of these conditional sales have escape clauses that doesn’t allow the public access to.

All in all, is a great resource for consumers to browse and gain knowledge about the market they are looking to buy or sell in, however a knowledgable relator should be utilized by a competent buyer or seller in addition to

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